66th Wyoming Legislature

The 66th Wyoming Legislature was sworn in and seated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. After the pomp, circumstance, ceremony, and an address from Governor Gordon, they voted on rules for the session. Missed the proceedings? 

You can always watch them on the WY Legislature’s YouTube channel

Want to participate in next week’s committee meetings? You can find that schedule right here.

Committee Meetings

​January 19 to 21 Three days of virtual standing committee meetings to consider and take public testimony on the assigned bills. No physical location for the committee meetings. Bills will be reported out with amendments as determined by the committee.

Eight-Day Session

January 27 through February 5 Eight-day virtual session. JCCs on all bills are completed; Presiding officers introduce and refer some bills to standing committees to work the week of February 22.

Three-Day Session

Week of February 22 Up to three days of standing committee meetings to consider bills referred.

DEADLINE: Budget Bill available to the Public no later than February 22nd.

General Session

March 1 through April 2 General Session 

The session will be held in person if health metrics allow.


Policy Positions

Repeal of the Tampon Tax

Paycheck Fairness Act

​A Paycheck Fairness Act, modeled on federal efforts, would include:

  • Protect against retaliation for discussing salaries.

  • Prohibit employers from requiring salary history during the interview and hiring process.

  • Require employers to prove that pay disparities exist for legitimate, job-related reasons.

  • Create negotiation skills programs for women & girls.

Minimum Wage

According to recent economic reports:

  • Raising the minimum wage benefits the nation's lowest wage workers and yields benefits for employers and businesses. 

  • Higher wages for lower earners decrease employee turnover.

  • According to the Economic Policy Institute, 7 of 10 minimum wage workers in Wyoming are women.

  • In Wyoming, DWS recommends raising the minimum wage to help close the gender wage gap.

Pro-Voter Policies


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