Announcing the launch of our Legislative Series!

Announcing the first offering in our new Legislative Series!

In and around Jackson next week? Here's your chance to get involved with an Interim Committee! (We'll be working to ensure that there are similar opportunities available throughout the Interim around the state listening in and participating with various committees.)

The Joint Interim Corporations Committee is meeting at Teton County Library next week, Monday 9/16 and Tuesday 9/17. (Click on the tabs to navigate to next week's meeting and read the agenda and the meeting materials.) 

Three of Teton County's elected State Legislators, Rep. Andy Schwartz, Rep. Mike Yin, and Sen. Mike Gierau, will be there and will be available to help you understand the process if you've never spectated or participated with the State Legislature before. 

Interested in learning more? Here's the plan:

  • Meet at Teton County Library @ 1:15 on Monday 9/16, the Committee is slated to reconvene from lunch break at 1:30

  • Receive a brief intro from your hosts and attend Corporation Committee for ~45 minutes

  • Expected topic: Election Issues including voter fraud prevention and party affiliation changes 

  • Optional: debrief

  • Optional: make public comment

Make testimony! Keep them honest! Make us proud!


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