Because ALL Wyomingites deserve access to healthcare.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

This morning, we need you to join us in asking Reps to vote NO on SF0144 Medicaid and SNAP eligibility when it comes up for third reading today.

At the Legislature, they like to talk about unintended consequences. This bill has mortal consequences. Here are a few reasons why this is a bad bill:

  • As Majority Floor Leader Barlow put it on Friday, there is a lot that goes into why people end up in tough places in their lives in our communities and the worst thing that we can do is to take away their healthcare

  • This bill lacks limitations for ongoing treatment, chronic diseases, mental health so if people are seeking treatment and it limits their ability to work, SF0144 does not make a provision for that. 

  • Rather than act as a catalyst to put our Wyoming neighbors on a positive and productive path, taking away their healthcare will push them further down. 

  • There are provisions in the Medicaid Expansion Study Bill that will enable the Legislature to study this issue. 

  • Given the most recent data from states like Arkansas that have tried this and the damage they're suffering, Wyoming should support its poorest citizens and find a better path to support them than taking away their healthcare.

And, today, one additional reason:

An important new report was published yesterday showing that people who gained Medicaid coverage reduce their risk of death by as much as 27%. The study that shows that in rural Kentucky, Medicaid improved health outcomes and reduced the risk of dying from a treatable disease like colon cancer. 

Wyomingites are hard working. Our work ethic is one of the things that makes us most proud. That is true of all of our neighbors, even the ones who are currently down on their luck. Let's not penalize them further by taking away their healthcare. By taking away healthcare coverage - even for 6 months - Wyomingites run the risk of not getting early diagnosis of diseases like colon cancer. Please ask your Reps to vote NO on SF0144. Thank you!

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