Woman-Owned Businesses in Wyoming

According to a 2018 report, woman owned businesses in Wyoming have increased 22% over the past decade. That rate of creation lagged behind the national average of 58% increases.

The good news is that Wyoming now has over 19,000 woman-owned businesses that generate nearly $3M annually. And, according to the report, Wyoming landed in the top 10 nationally for employment vitality:

The 10 states showing the highest employment vitality — employment growth rate from 2007 to 2018 and average numbers of employees — were:

1. Minnesota

2/3. Maine / North Dakota (tied for second place)

4. Iowa

5/6. Delaware / Virginia (tied for fifth place)

7. Alaska

8. Indiana

9/10. Washington / Wyoming (tied for ninth place)

Read the full report here, find out what Wyoming Public Media had to say here, and read more from the Wyoming Business Report here.

Are you a woman with a business in Wyoming? Are you interested in starting a business? The Wyoming Women's Business Center can assist with resources and is a great place to list your business.

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