'Economy' comes from the Greek

'Economy' comes from Greek words for 'house' and 'management' -- lest we forget what we're *really* talking about when everyone starts shouting about reopening the ECONOMY.

Jen's column in today's JHN&G serves up policy decisions we can make that would improve our households, better our communities, fix the cracks in the systems, and ensure our thriving. Check it out here.

Here are a few more links that might be of interest and helped to inform the column:

Megan Tobias Neely, writing in the Harvard Business Review about worker protections, post-pandemic

Regressive tax structures harm the most vulnerable community members. Check out the attached slides. (Full nerd alert.)

Download PDF • 3.76MB

Taxes on period products (and why they are unconstitutional)

Recognize the essential value of care work — both paid and unpaid — and count it in the GDP

The Hawaii Commission on the Status of Women

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act

States with higher percentages of women in elected office also have higher voter turnout.

Globally, there has been high praise for women leaders throughout the pandemic


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