Gender Debt Gap

Not only is there a gender wage gap (women are paid less than men for doing the same work), a gender data gap (research is done on men and then treated as universal), a gender savings gap (women have less saved for retirement due to the aforementioned gender wage gap and age into poverty), there is also a significant gender gap for student loan debt: Women earn 60% of bachelor's degrees, but leave college with $2,700 more student debt than men.

According to the American Academy of University Women - a national organization that has promoted gender equality in higher education since its founding in 1881 - "Women repay their loans more slowly due to earning less than men on average. Female graduates earn 18% less than their male peers after one year of graduation. Women may also pay additional expenses in college, such as childcare, said AAUW CEO Kim Churches. 'It's pernicious,' Churches told Business Insider. 'Women have significantly less resources at hand, yet women live longer than men. It's really a full lifecycle story.'


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