International Women's Day

WHEREAS, International Women’s Day is observed around the world on March 8th of each year and provides an opportunity to recognize and reflect on the progress made to advance women’s equality, to celebrate the gains made by women in our society and reflect on the challenges and barriers which women continue to face; and

WHEREAS, International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and girls and the progress that has been made in support of women’s equality while recognizing the social, economic, and political barriers still to overcome; and

WHEREAS, in 2019, Wyoming celebrates its heritage as the Equality State by honoring the sesquicentennial of Women’s Suffrage, its history as the state with the first female governor, first female bailiff, first jury with women, and first all-female elected body, and acknowledges the areas in which women in the Equality State still need and deserve equal opportunity.

NOW, therefore, if the State of Wyoming won't proclaim it, the Wyoming Women's Action Network will, we officially recognize March 8, 2019 as

International Women's Day.

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