Medicaid and Women

We told you that Joint Revenue is considering Medicaid Expansion next week. Let's talk about how Medicaid impacts women.

Women comprise the majority of the adult Medicaid population. For women, the program offers coverage of a wide range of primary, preventive, specialty, and long-term care services which are important to them across their lifespans.

Given the critical lifeline that the program provides for low-income women and their families, expanding Medicaid has significant implications for low-income women’s access to coverage and care. Medicaid covers *25M adult women* in the United States.

The vast majority of women who qualify for Medicaid already work outside the home. Many more would be exempt because they are caring for family members or have a chronic illness or disability.

Medicaid covers a disproportionate share of women in vulnerable populations. In 2017, Medicaid covered 17% of nonelderly women in the United States, but coverage rates were much higher among minority women, single mothers, low-income women, and women with limited education.

Eligibility levels are much lower for parents in the states that have not expanded Medicaid, including Wyoming.

Access to healthcare is a significant factor not only in health but in economic development. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a growing number of studies show an association between expansion and gains in employment and growth in the labor market.

We'll say it again: Wyoming needs Medicaid Expansion.

Women are suffering, people are dying, hospitals are closing, families need help, and WY can't wait any longer. Contact the members of the @WYLegislature Joint Revenue Committee and tell them.

Call them today.

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