More Q&A on Pay Equity Bills

We've gotten a number of questions about HB0072. HB0072 would ensure that businesses can't retaliate against women who discuss their wages.

  Fair pay legislation that ensures that there is no employer retaliation provide women with the tools needed to assert their right to equal pay for equal work. This is a concrete, straightforward, and achievable step that will help reduce the gender wage gap and deter acts of gender based wage discrimination. 

Perhaps more importantly, there are good economic reasons to support this kind of legislation. Oftentimes, conversations are the way in which businesses come to realize that they have a wage gap--it is rarely intentional. Businesses that have then done wage gap audits, found that they have a gender wage gap, and made the capital investment to close those gaps have seen improved employee retention and improved profits. Publicly traded companies (Salesforce is a notable example) that have undertaken this have seen overall increases in earnings. 

As Governor Gordon said in his State of the State, "The state of Wyoming is strong. We're strong because of our people, our resources, and our work ethic." The women in our state embody this work ethic and the principle of equal pay for equal work is a cornerstone of the Equality State's commitment to ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to succeed in the workplace.

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