RIP Cokie Roberts

We were there.

We were there in February when the legendary Cokie Roberts stepped onto the dais in the ballroom at Little America in Cheyenne and talked at length, with reverence and understanding, about the history of women's firsts in Wyoming.

And rather than pander to the state's ego around the moniker (or misnomer) "Equality State" she talked about the inevitability of backsliding as part of forward progress. She did not chastise us for falling down on the job or assert that the stalled trajectory portends badly for our collective future in Wyoming. She simply reminded us that we need to continue the work because victories for some women lead to victories for most women.

Cokie Roberts is, we believe, the reason that our Legislators moved an important wage gap bill, HB084, forward the next day and felt pride as they did it.

She is, we know, the reason that so many women advanced in journalism.

Cokie gracefully challenged us to do the work to ensure that forward progress continues. She gracefully challenged us to carry forward the legacy of Esther Hobart Morris, Nellie Tayloe Ross, and so many others. We are now called to carry Cokie Roberts' legacy forward as well.

We are up to the task.