Status Update: Three Wage Gap Bills

There are currently three bills related to pay equity and economic empowerment ready when the 65th Legislative Session opens today at noon.

All three bills are a result of the R&P report on wage and benefit disparities between men and women in Wyoming. All three bills were heard by both Labor/Health and Minerals. All three bills are coming out of the Labor/Health committee in the House. All three bills need your support!

HB0071 Equal pay-penalties

This bill will increase the penalty--from $200 to $500--for an employer who violates Wyoming's equal pay provisions.

This bill has no fiscal or personnel impact.

HB0072 Wage transparency

In summary, this bill will prevent an employer from firing an employee who discusses their rate of pay.

It has no fiscal or personnel impact.

HB0084 Wage equality-state employees and programs This bill will ensure that any state funds are expended to programs that meet pay equity standards and will require a biennial evaluation to promote pay equity.

This bill has no significant fiscal or personnel impact.

For more on these--and all the other bills that our state legislators will take up starting today at noon--visit the legislation page.

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