The policies we get reflect who we elect

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This week, Jen wrote a column for the JHN&G pointing out why we all benefit from a diversity of voices in elected office. She selected a specific (and telling) policy discussion from the Budget Session in the Wyoming House.

Reader, this debate is not news to you.

We told you about it at the time, and you shared our frustration with the status quo by reading, circulating, and discussing the post and the debate.

But this week's column reached a new audience. Including some of the Legislators who make their livelihoods running cattle (including some who weren't among those who made comment at the time). It also reached a few others who, apparently, consider themselves "protectors of Wyoming's way of life."

Reader, they seemed concerned.

At least one Legislator reached out to Jen directly. Chapeau to that Legislator. (Also not one who spoke against childcare, just so we're clear.)

To the rest of the folks who woke up Wednesday to find yourself somehow offended by Jen's column, let's go to the (proverbial, not real) videotape (they only had audio in the Before Times). Here's what we wrote at the time. Not convinced? Here's what Nick Reynolds reported at the time in the statewide Casper Star Tribune. Still have questions? You can go to the archived audio.

So, back to this week's kerfuffle.

Jen got some calls. "Words matter." "Don't make waves." "It's best not to alienate the other side." (Reader, the calls were not menacing. Everyone was polite. This is Wyoming.) While we're not questioning the intentions here--we all want the best for our state, that's where we have miles and miles of common ground--we are questioning whether the status quo will get us there.

So here's where we land with all of it: The filing deadline is Friday, May 29th. That's less than a week from now but plenty of time to get off the fence. There are resources out there for your run for office. (Read this awesomeness about the Cowgirl Run Fund!) Your candidacy changes the conversation. Your campaign says the status quo won't get us where we need to go.

And here's the bottom line: If you run, you get to shape the debate. Your voice matters. We want to hear it.

ps--If you want to read Jen's column in its entirety, here it is.

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