While we're talking about structural reform...

Medicaid Expansion is in front of the Legislature when the new session convenes. There is a committee bill, passed out of Revenue Committee on an 8-5 vote, HB0075.

The Healthy Wyoming Coalition is out there, across the state, encouraging people to SAY YES to Medicaid Expansion (let's be honest: the evidence is in and it is long past time). And we've been out there tweeting away about the impacts of Medicaid Expansion on women in Wyoming.

The responses we've been getting back are personal, moving, and speak to the importance of this effort. We wanted to share just a few with you. All from women:

From a 25-year-old woman who recently relocated to Wyoming for work (and, p.s., women under 30 working in low-wage jobs are the most likely to benefit from expansion in Wyoming):

"I always had insurance. My parents always had insurance. Until we didn’t. When my dad’s job relocated to Colorado from Tennessee in 2015, things were looking up. But in 2018, he was laid off. His industry was dwindling, and in order to make ends meet, he drives for Uber, Amazon and substitutes at the local high school, as does my mom. Between the two of them, they work a total of five jobs to make ends meet.

Colorado expanded Medicaid in 2014 and without it, my parents and I would not have been able to receive the health care we needed—and we needed it."

From a mom who was able to get insurance through Medicaid:

“I have changed my views since getting on it—especially when you have no other choice. Now, I finally understand why we need to expand Medicaid for everyone.”

From another mom who was able to access Medicaid for her pregnancies:

"I was a waitress when two of my sons were born. A bank teller with the third. Medicaid ensured a healthy pregnancy for myself and my babies. Let's make sure more Wyoming families are healthy and happy."

Want to get involved? Here's how you can help:

  • Take a selfie and submit it (or any other family photo) with a quote about why you support Medicaid Expansion. Polls show the majority of Wyomingites support Expansion. Let's show our electeds the faces of all the people who support Expansion.

  • Write to the members of the House and encourage them to support HB0075. Talking points are in the two print pages (FAQs and handouts both downloadable from fb). Tips on contacting Legislators can be found here (info in the furthest tab to the right). 

  • Reach out to friends and family across Wyoming and ask them to submit a selfie and speak out!

  • Share the assets below. Spread the word, get involved, and SAY YES.

Healthy Wyoming also created some fantastic assets to advance the SAY YES campaign:

Now is the time. We are the people. Together, we can ensure a Healthy Wyoming.

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