Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebrations

Tuesday, December 10th marks the 150th anniversary of women's suffrage in Wyoming!

There are celebrations and proclamations planned around the state. And the Casper Star Tribune is rolling out a package of extraordinary articles about women in the Equality State. (If you don't have a subscription, we can't recommend highly enough that you should get one!)

Here's what's on offer as of today--and there are more coming over the next two days.

They kicked it off with this piece reminding us that the road to suffrage wasn't a straightforward one (and didn't include all women).

We love Wyoming women talking about what it means to be a Wyoming woman.

Plus a great, ongoing, feature on the women who make Wyoming.

A stunning profile of Legislator Cathy Connolly: The myth of Cathy Connolly and the reality of progress.

A story that tackles violence against women in the Cowboy State, featuring expert insight from Tara Muir.

Nina McConigley's column wants to ensure that we include ALL women in the women's movement.

Nick Reynolds exposes the subtle sexism that comes with being the only woman in the room. (And makes the case for electing more women.)

Camille Erickson writing about Randi Martinsen: The accomplished geologist met gender discrimination in the male-dominated field head on and remained largely unfazed.

And, last but not least, our co-founder Jen Simon with a column on the importance of equal representation in elected office.

Happy reading!


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